What are the differences from other tour programs of international fair tours?

The most important difference of fair organizations from other travels is early booking and early purchase. International fair organizations are organizations with place and date stated about a year before. Thousands of businessmen come to the fair from many parts of the world. At the time of the fair, hotel prices in that city and the ticket prices of those cities fly to three to four times, so early purchase offers a serious price advantage. Another important issue is accommodation. The choice of a hotel in the wrong locale leads to ineffective passengers traveling all day on the exhibition grounds. Early date booking and a hotel in the right location can be counted as the most important differences.

What services are covered by overseas fair tours?

International fair tours cover air ticket, accommodation services, airport pick-up, transfers between airport and hotel, transfers between daily fair area and hotel, fair entrance tickets and personnel for stand staff. Visa services and travel insurance are also available. It covers all other tourism services other than a company stand service.

What should be considered when buying a fair tour abroad?

Reservations can be made over the internet while buying a fair tour abroad. However, booking over the internet is not recommended during the fair periods. Due to the high occupancy rate, when the guest goes to the hotel, they may encounter various troubles. First, care must be taken to book from a guaranteed and reliable source. This work needs to be done with the academicians who make it on a professional department basis. Large tourism companies may not be able to choose the location of the hotels. Professional exhibition departments can choose the right locality in the city where the fair will take place. The person who goes about flight times should be careful. Transit flights should not be preferred, flights should be preferred in the morning, evening, and evening return.

Which government incentives will be applied when traveling abroad?

The Ministry of Economy and KOSGEB covers 70 percent of the expenses in international fair travels. KOSGEB is paying back 50 percent of all exhibition expenses for exhibiting companies to exhibitors.

What is national participation with individual participation in foreign fairs?

National participation is the fair participated by the official delegations participating in the fairs determined by the Ministry of Economy as a country. Individual participation is a fair in which companies participate in the market research, sale and increase of exports.

What expenses are covered by national participation in overseas fairs?

The Ministry of Economy meets stand-up fees and airline tickets of companies that have opened stands at national participating fairs up to 70 percent. Supported spending includes the accommodation of visitor companies, airline tickets, local services, transfers, interpreting and guidance services. Individuals have to provide extra spending and visa spending without incentives from companies.

How can companies benefit from government incentives for international fair reservations?

Visitor companies mostly benefit from the KOSGEB promotion during their overseas fair travels. An application form is being filled in before this trip. All transactions are online. There are two important criteria to benefit from KOSGEB support. First, to participate in the fair or to be a visitor. The other is to be involved in a field activity, such as a factory visit or a plant visit to the sector that is betting. They can organize them in the acentral. The companies fill out a form declaring their participation in these events and in the following three months KOSGEB sends this amount to the bank account of the companies.

What are the advantages for companies to participate in overseas fairs?

Overseas fairs give firms the opportunity to analyze their competitors in the global world, keep up with the latest innovations, and keep up with their sectors. It’s an opportunity to be one step ahead of the rucksacks. It is inevitable for the growing companies to participate in international fairs or visit these fairs.

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